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Each issue will bring you the latest news and happenings in the world of survival, preparedness and firearms, with expert interviews, gear/equipment reviews, DIY and how to tutorials. 

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What Other's Are Saying...

"This magazine is great! I'm learning so much! Haven't found anything I don't like yet! Keep up the good work! So much to think about & do.. God Bless you! 

It was very well done explaining the events to the point! In a humane way. And it's so awesome how you don't swear or feel the need to be vulgar to get your point across.

I so appreciate your help with what to do to survive. Thank you, thank you Thank you!!!!"

Greema J

"There is just enough content for me to read thru the week before another issue comes out. Great value and interesting topics."


"Well written, unique, informative articles.
I haven't put down my iPad for hours having been too busy reading all the content. If staying alive is something you value - or you simply find prepping interesting - this is recommended.


"It's a very resourceful magazine to read too understand how to survive when SHTF can happen anytime. Alos this magazine tells how to prepare if you're a beginner."


"An enjoyable read. Lots of useful information and not so out there that us every day preppers can't utilize"


"Weekly is perfect for me.
I don't have a lot fo time these days so reading a weekly publication suits me well. I like how the publication is formatted wit the most relevant preparedness articles. No fluff just fact. I'm very glad I came across Preparedness Weekly. Keep up the good work.
Always looking forward to the next issue."

Bugs Moran